Enhance Decision-Making with Regulatory Intelligence and Comparative Insights

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Navigate Regulatory Landscapes and Compare Global Standards

RG Navigator offers an aggregate view of RegGenome data, providing valuable insights that empower law firms, commercial enterprises, policy setters, lobbyists, think thanks, and regulatory analysts, to make informed decisions, conduct thorough research, and benchmark against global peers and international standards.

Equip your organisation with a clear view of regulatory structures across publishers and jurisdictions. Gain valuable insights, identify obligations with accuracy, and confidently navigate the evolving regulatory landscape with RG Navigator.  

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Key Features


Comprehensive Regulatory Coverage

Access a broad repository of regulatory data sourced from multiple publishers and jurisdictions. Gain insights across themes and geographic locations.


Regulatory Drill-Down (Lineage)

Track back to the source document of regulatory obligations. Validate compliance decisions by referencing original documentation and ensure alignment with regulatory intent.


Obligation Identification

Pinpoint and identify regulatory obligations relevant to your organisation within chosen datasets. Streamline compliance research and save time.


Mapping to International Standards

Map regulations to international standards like NIST 2.0 or FATF. Enhance credibility with stakeholders by aligning with recognised frameworks.


Comparative Analysis

Seamlessly compare regulatory obligations across jurisdictions with precision. Tailor compliance strategies to specific needs and understand jurisdiction-specific nuances.


Flexible Deployment Options

Choose between Navigator or a custom-branded application model. Scale insights seamlessly as your needs evolve.



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