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Access High-Quality GenAI Regulatory Data with Easy and Flexible Integration

RegGenome’s Content Repository Service offers a jurisdiction-agnostic repository of GenAI-optimised metadata, empowering regulatory solutions to efficiently and effectively identify, interrogate, present and manage large volumes of complex regulations. 

We use universal information structures to organise and describe regulations in a standardised way, processing documents from any authority in any language.  

Integrate a single regulatory dataset into your infrastructure or access data through an API to power both proprietary and third-party solutions. 

Simplify regulatory complexity and stay up to date with regulatory changes with reliable GenAI data.

Discover the Benefits and Features of Our GenAI-Optimised Data

Unlock a more efficient and effective solution for navigating regulatory complexity with access to relevant regulation, reliably.

Key Features


Up to Date Regulatory Content

Accelerate content acquisition and regulatory analysis with global coverage, timely updates, and extensive coverage across different regulatory domains, jurisdictions, and languages.


Increased Relevancy

Enriched with document and sub-document level metadata, our content enables you to perform granular searches to filter out the noise and engage only with relevant content.


Reliable Data

Our information structures are built on provenance, anchored to regulatory standards developed in conjunction with regulatory experts convened by the University of Cambridge.


GenAI-Optimised Content

Our data empowers GenAI solutions to be built on top of foundational LLMs. This enables reliable solutions to manage regulatory changes, understand policy impact, retrieve specific information, address queries, and produce document summaries via GenAI.


Data Control

Access a comprehensive in-house regulatory data library allowing you to maintain and govern content within your own digital ecosystem, enhancing both security and compliance.


Custom Alerts and Insights

Enhanced navigation via custom alerts allows users to find pertinent documents and receive timely updates. Identify common regulatory obligations across jurisdictions and publishers, routing regulations to teams based on relevance. 



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